Leadership Coaching

Why coaching for managers?

Who is born with the talent to lead employees, delegate tasks, resolve conflicts or push a team to peak performance? Probably the least amount. The leadership role is particularly difficult for employees who have previously been part of a team for many years and whose role was to follow rather than lead.

Leadership coaching helps managers to

  • clarify their own role
  • communicate successfully
  • lead emotionally and intelligently
  • find a guideline for making decisions in a short space of time
  • build a basic framework for dealing with employees correctly
  • and to draw up a clear roadmap for the future development of their department or organization.

Determine the next career step yourself

If you do your job well, you will usually be promoted at some point. The nursing specialist becomes the head nurse and later perhaps the nursing director. Resident physicians become ward physicians, senior physicians and perhaps one day chief physicians. All of a sudden, leadership skills are required – a skill that has never been taught during studies or training. If you want to make your employees in the healthcare sector fit for leadership roles and tasks, you should know about the leadership coaching of Crown Coaching International. These leadership training courses have been specially designed for participants from the healthcare sector.

Good leadership training pays attention to authenticity.

Because everyone is different, there is no one true leadership training program that fits everyone. Leadership coaching therefore always has to do with authenticity, which every leader should maintain. And yet, even in the healthcare sector, we repeatedly encounter the same behavioural patterns and challenges that every manager should be aware of. Conclusion: leadership can be learned.

The Crown Coaching International team

Crown Coaching International is an association of certified coaches, most of whom have a professional background in the healthcare sector.

Just like the founder and owner: Prof. Dr. Renate Tewes is a qualified psychologist, trained business coach and has been studying nursing science and nursing management at the Evangelische Hochschule Dresden since 2002. In an extra-occupational course of study, people from the care sector prepare themselves to take on responsibility in the healthcare sector in the future.

Dr. Tewes: “At the university, we work in an application-oriented way and combine teaching with everyday working life.”

Crown Coaching International specialises in training managers in the healthcare sector.

CROWN is the abbreviation for
And Nurturing.

Leadership training from Crown Coaching International supports your organisation in preparing your managers for the demands of today and tomorrow. The team offers its seminars throughout Germany, Great Britain and the USA. In recent years, its clients have included university hospitals as well as church-run institutions and those run by foundations.

Leadership as an element of leadership training

The topic “Leadership & Personality” is the first module in leadership training and is intended as a basic and starter workshop. You can book further modules individually. Each module lasts 2 days. All subsequent modules are freely selectable. You will receive an individual recommendation for your company in a free telephone consultation.

The modules in leadership training:

  • Leadership & Personality
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Team development
  • Stress management and job satisfaction
  • Problem-solving and conflict management
  • Organisational development & change management
  • Negotiation & meeting management
  • Role clarification & professional development

Procedure in leadership training:

Over the course of two days, participants are guided through all phases of change management that are important in the healthcare sector, both in terms of content and in practice. In this way, we ensure that the complexity of the change process is not only absorbed cognitively but that the secret power of emotions can be actively utilised during the process.

Most unsuccessful change processes do not fail because of planning, but because of a lack of emotional control. Although our workshop is evidence-based, it contains many practical tools and exercises that can be used to actively tackle typical resistance in change management.

The leadership training with its 6 modules is well-suited for the middle management of an organisation (nursing directors, head nurses, house coordinators).
Your trainers:
Prof. Dr. Renate Tewes
Coach, negotiation manager, organisational and leadership developer, LEO trainer, case management trainer

Christof Düro
Coach, actor, storytelling, forum theatre, communication with dementia, producer, team development

Dr. Anna Martius
Coach, time management, career and self-management, team development, mediation

Start the leadership training for your institution and feel free to contact us. We look forward to getting to know your organisation and working in partnership with you.

Prof. Dr. Renate Tewes is a renowned psychologist and nursing scientist with a passion for promoting healthy collaboration and strengthening emotional intelligence in leadership roles. As a coach, she supports her clients with customized strategies to master the challenges of modern health management.

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