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Comprehensible communication of complex topics

Are you looking for an inspiring and competent keynote speaker for your next event? I am Prof. Dr. Tewes, and I offer exactly what you need. I know how to present complex topics understandably and entertainingly. My presentations are scientifically sound, yet spiced with a pinch of humour to engage your audience.

I also offer practical strategies for solving challenges. Whether in English or German, I am fluent in both languages and bring original perspectives to your event.

Next dates:

On November 8, 2024, I will hold the lecture “The power of words – communicatively shaping change processes” at the DACH Symposium in Potsdam. The target group here are teachers for the state-regulated training courses for laboratory medicine, radiology and functional diagnostics from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Renate Tewes sitzt im Hörsaal und erläutert etwas
Information & Booking


Please feel free to contact us. The Crown Coaching team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Topics of my lectures

I look forward to offering you a wide range of lecture topics that will enhance your event. Here are some areas where my expertise can offer you and your audience valuable insights:

  • “where there is a will…” prerequisites for acquiring leadership skills
  • Leadership attitude (when self-efficacy and moral competence pay off)
  • The toolbox: choosing the right management tools
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Shaping the organisation
  • Courageous human resources development: what is important?
  • Culture of innovation: patent development in nursing care
  • Robots as nursing professionals? Where are we heading?
  • Interprofessional collaboration: avoiding treatment errors with IPC
  • Integrative healthcare: how does it work?
  • Communication: the secret to success
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately
  • Convincing people with the 4 M’s and 4 W’s
  • Helpful communication models for the healthcare sector
  • Missing link in communication between nursing and medicine
  • How emotional intelligence pays off in the healthcare sector
  • Resilient leadership: how do I get there?
  • Communication as a stress reducer
  • Well-being in the workplace: necessary or superfluous?
  • Professional emotion management: healing emotions
  • Corporate culture: help and obstacles in change processes
  • Using agile methods in everyday working life
  • Competent strategic and communicative support for change
  • Transition management: accompanying change
  • Crisis management: being prepared for emergencies

How can we support you?

At Crown Coaching, we specialize in empowering healthcare leaders. To find out how we can support you in your role, we invite you to contact us. Please describe your request briefly in your e-mail. This will enable us to prepare for an initial telephone call with you. We look forward to getting to know you and working out together how we can achieve tangible progress in your institution in particular. We will get back to you as soon as possible. The Crown Coaching team looks forward to hearing from you!

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