Renate Tewes - Innovative Staff Development in Healthcare.

Innovative Staff Development in Healthcare

This book explains how staff development is an important element for a sustainable staff structure health care facilities.
At the end each chapter the reader finds a to-do-list, to replicate the project. The book is devided into 4 parts: 1. Practicing culture change, 2. Learning emotional intelligence, 3. Establishing interprofessional collaboration and 4. How to create the future of healthcare. Anticipating these options and experiences will help leaders to inspire their teams with practical ideas.

To find the right trainings for staff development can be time consuming. With this overview about international successful projects the reader has an update about innovations in healthcare and uses the knowledge for the reader’s own team or healthcare institution.

This book helps readers experiencing their own culture change in their organisation, and create the future of their team or facility with knowledge about how to develop a person-centred culture, how to implement the TeamProcessPerformance in their operation theatre, how to reduce stress by using simple HeartMath-methods. This book also informs on how to establish wellbeing at the workplace, and how to practice interprofessional collaboration to reduce mistakes and costs.

Written by authors from UK, Turkey, USA, Scotland, Ireland and Germany, this book offers human resource managers a look beyond their national horizon and presents innovative international concepts.

Editor: Renate Tewes, Professor for Nursing Science and Management, ounder and CEO of Crown Coaching International and Professor at the Protestant University of Applied Science in Dresden, Germany.

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