Christiane Matzke

Management training in the healthcare sector | Heilbronn
About the person

Christiane Matzke is a nurse, qualified medical educator, mindfulness and resilience trainer and has more than 30 years of management responsibility in hospitals. As a long-standing nursing director at large hospitals, she is just as concerned about the professionalisation of nursing in Germany as she is about interprofessional cooperation between healthcare professions geared towards the care process. With the premise “attitude decides”, she supports and accompanies nursing staff and managers in the healthcare sector on their development path.

Coaching & training
  • Advice and support for managers and teachers in the healthcare sector
  • Management training in the healthcare sector
  • Support for team development processes and school development processes
  • Moderation of conclaves in the healthcare sector
  • Interprofessional collaboration
  • Support for change processes in the healthcare sector
  • Self-management, including the Zurich Resource Model ZRM® and resilience
  • Theory-practice-integrative curriculum development for training and further education in the nursing professions

As director of today’s Irmgard Bosch Education Center in Stuttgart, she initiated and systematically supported school development processes, including the conception and implementation of integrative nursing training: The Stuttgart Model©, setting up learning workshops in nursing practice, developing teachers into learning facilitators and establishing an Interprofessional Education Center at the Robert Bosch Hospital.

Her support of numerous innovative projects for nursing practice, such as “implementation of clinical education units as interprofessional training units”, “improvement of the cross-sector discharge process”, “introduction of nursing experts for academically trained nursing staff” and “planning and implementation of the reference care system according to the principles of primary nursing” prove Christiane Matzke to be an expert in supporting change processes in the healthcare sector.

She has been involved in various expert groups of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, including Rethinking Nursing (2000), Cooperation between Healthcare Professions (2004), 360 Degrees – Qualification Mix for Patients (2018) and is the recipient of the Robert Bosch Medal “be human and honour human dignity”.

She held a lectureship in nursing didactics at Humboldt University Berlin and is now a lecturer and member of the Healthcare Commission at DHBW Stuttgart.


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  • Matzke, Christiane (2014): Vom Klassischen Pflegemanagement zur fortschrittlichen Pflegeentwicklung. In: Tewes, R. und Stockinger, A. (Hrsg.) Personalentwicklung In Pflege- und Gesundheitseinrichtungen. Berlin: Springer.
  • Kerngruppe Curriculum (2005): Begründungsrahmen für die Integrativen Pflegeausbildung: Das Stuttgarter Modell©. Darmstadt: Winklers.
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