Dr. Susan Smith

Leadership skills in HealthCare, LEO - Leading an Empowered Organization | Yorkshire, UK
About the person

Dr. Susan Smith is the owner of Choice Dynamic International, an England-based management consultancy for individuals and businesses in the health and social care sector. Their goal is to give managers more choices through improved relationships and individual thinking, thereby bringing them back to having more fun at work.

Coaching focuses
  • Leadership skills in healthcare
  • LEO – Leading an Empowered Organization
  • Revitalizing Care
  • HeartMath®
  • Caring Behaviors Assurance System®CBAS

Dr. Susan Smith has almost 40 years of professional experience in the health care sector in the United Kingdom. She was employed as a nurse, midwife, clinic manager and consultant. In the private sector, she acted as a consultant for an international space and technology company.

In addition to the LEO program and HeartMath®, Dr. Smith primarily offers her own programs. The numerous leadership training courses that she developed for various organisations include the child protection program “safeguarding children” for the Department of Health (NHS).

Publications & conferences

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