Dr. med. Eric Hempel

Communication training for doctors, change management processes, contract negotiation in the healthcare sector | Görlitz
About the person

Dr. Eric Hempel is medical director and head of pain therapy at a municipal hospital in Saxony. Dr. Hempel holds a master’s degree in communication psychology (human communication) and a degree in health economics.

Coaching focus
  • Communication training for doctors
  • Change management processes
  • Processes and strategies in the healthcare sector
  • Contract negotiation in the healthcare sector

Dr. Eric Hempel developed his leadership skills over more than ten years as a senior physician and head physician in anaesthesiology and intensive care clinics.

For more than four years, he has been the medical director of a municipal hospital providing specialist care in Saxony. He has maintained a direct relationship with patients and relatives as well as with members of different professional groups in treatment processes through his active work as a pain therapist, and palliative and emergency physician.

In extra-occupational courses in health economics and communication psychology (Master’s degree in human communication), Dr. Hempel acquired a sound theoretical grounding in the framework conditions that are so important for doctors in management functions. With these different qualifications, he is able to analyse internal and external hospital processes at various levels and strategically drive forward change management processes. He can easily put on the glasses of a physician, business economist or communications expert to reveal the complexity of an organization. His suggestions for interventions are correspondingly diverse. He has been conducting communication training for physicians for over 10 years, which has proved extremely popular.

As a proven expert in processes and strategies in the healthcare sector, Dr. Hempel has a keen eye for the essentials. He sees communicative competence as the decisive foundation for successful interprofessional collaboration.

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