Damian Peikert

Philosopher, academic philosopher, lecturer | Dresden
About this person

As a philosophical practitioner, he is dedicated to the practical relevance of philosophical knowledge and real-life philosophising for one’s own (professional) actions and one’s own relationship management.

Under the term “clinical philosophy” he works on the philosophical foundations of illness and offers existential life advice.

Under the term “academic intervision” he offers peer-to-peer coaching, advice and support for scientific theses, qualification phases and for special challenges in connection with studies, universities, clinics and science.

Coaching focuses
  • Reflection on your own professional actions
  • Sense and doubt
  • Decision-making and orientation processes
  • Clinical philosophy: individual and one-on-one advice from professionals in clinics, medicine and nursing
  • Academic intervision: advice and support for academic work (qualification and coursework) and for special challenges faced by scientists and students
  • Open questions in life that are associated with thoughtfulness, doubt and “brooding” and remain unresolved in everyday life

Damian Peikert studied philosophy and psychology at the universities of Jena, Vienna and Heidelberg.

During his studies he worked and researched in clinical areas. After completing his studies, he worked as a research assistant at the Center for Psychosocial Medicine at the University Hospital of Heidelberg (Research Section Phenomenology, Karl Jaspers Chair) and at the Center for Advanced Studies Heidelberg (Marsilius Kolleg).

In 2020 he acquired the title of academic philosophical practitioner and is currently undergoing further training to become a systemic consultant. His main topics revolve around the phenomena of interdisciplinarity, interculturality, phenomenology/existentialism, clinical philosophizing, counselling and dialogue.

Most recently he published “Philosophy as Therapy” (Karl Alber, 2019) together with Ram Adhar Mall.


  • Ram A. Mall, Damian Peikert: Philosophie als Therapie – Eine interkulturelle Perspektive, Verlag Karl Alber, 2. Auflage (2019)

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