Christof Johannes Düro

Communication, presentation, storytelling, resolution of team conflicts, staff development | Berlin
About the person

Christof Düro is a trainer, coach and actor. He knows what it means to exhibit presence. And he also knows how to create it. He is familiar with the effect of body and voice and also the corresponding situations from everyday business life in which personal impact is important.

As a specialist in improvisation, he opens up new perspectives and directions for his clients. This enables him to break free from seemingly entrenched processes. With fresh impulses and the method of storytelling, he supports hospitals in the change management process.

Coaching focus
  • Communication training for nursing staff for people with dementia
  • Communication, presentation, storytelling
  • Storytelling in the change management process
  • Resolution of team conflicts
  • Team building
  • Staff development

Christof Johannes Düro has been a professional actor on screen and on stage since 1988. He qualified as a trainer and workshop leader for professional and semi-professional improvisation groups in 1995. During his time as Project Director at H,T,P Concept Marketing and Market Research, he began working as a trainer for communication, presentation and storytelling. In 2010, he launched the first workshops for the Alzheimer Society. In 2011, Düro founded the agency “playful thinking”, with which he works as an independent consultant, project manager and trainer.

Since 2013, he has regularly led workshops for the Paritätische Verbände and various hospitals in Germany. Today, he offers conflict resolution and team building training for various German hospitals in addition to training and supervision.

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