Annett Nitschke

Stress reduction with Heartmath®, resilience, individual and one-on-one coaching in stress management | Dresden
About the person

Annett Nitschke originally comes from the real estate industry. The experience from the areas of project management, marketing and sales from her everyday working life flows into her coaching to reduce stress.

Coaching focuses
  • Stress reduction with Heartmath®
  • Resilience
  • Individual and one-on-one coaching in stress management

After more than 20 years in the property development and real estate industry, Annett Nitschke discovered the topic of resilience. As a certified pranic healer according to Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, she focuses on the holistic view of people and the direct connection between physical, psychological and emotional aspects when experiencing stress.

During her apprenticeship with Karaul Solyomfi Zoltan Nagy, a Hungarian Taltos, Annett Nitschke expanded her range of work to include an integrative therapy method that incorporates the meaning of one’s own biography and family roots and gains strength from healing silence.

With the HeartMath® stress reduction program, Annett Nitschke optimally rounds off her training program. Through easy-to-learn exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday life, stress is reduced and the so-called cardiac intelligence® demonstrably improves. Success can be measured quickly and easily with the Inner Balance Trainer or the emWave system.

Anett Nitschke specialises in individual and one-on-one coaching in stress management. Among other things, she teaches students in the areas of nursing management and social work at the Evangelische Hochschule Dresden Heartmath®.

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