Increasing Leadership Challenges

In these difficult times, health managers at intermediate and director level are facing enormous challenges. The innovative energy of common management concepts, such as Quality Circles, Lean Management, Business Reengineering etc., has come to a dead end. Therefore, what we urgently need for the necessary change of perspective in health care are new leadership skills.

In fact, management and leadership are different skills, which, however, are frequently confounded. While management focuses on planning, monitoring, and evaluation, leadership particularly relates to motivation, social competence, and business culture.Meanwhile, the common focus on strategic planning, organisation, and auditing has become insufficient for unleashing potential. Surveys among personnel managers have shown that in the future leaders will be much more expected to clearly lead rather than to simply manage (Wunderer & Dick, 2002).

Facing these challenges in leadership performance, we are your professional partner in coaching, consulting, and training.

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